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Enchanting Duduks

Once you start playing on a Vamelo duduk, then you play differently. Here is the model Areg, a world of mysterious sounds itself. Alluring. Peerless.


Vamelo Armenian Duduk Areg 1
Vamelo Armenian Duduk Areg 2
Vamelo Armenian Duduk Areg 3
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AREG Duduk

Key of F, G, A, B♭, B, C, D. After placing an order, contact us which key you want us to ship.






Areg duduk is a true artist. It opens up a world full of timbres and a limitless variety of the subtlest nuances. It enchants musicians with its unique transparency. Areg duduk is superbly crafted under the auspices of holistic manufacturing conditions. Its enhanced tonal accuracy and soothing nuances of playing thrill both the player and the audience. When you play Areg, the main thing is to enjoy it. In your hands there is an instrument which has been diligently crafted during a year. That duduk is not merely an upgrade, but rather a new model at an entirely different level.




Package content:


A 442 Hz

Clear-varnished aprocot wood

1 duduk, 2 reeds, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 swab cloth, 1 hard case, User's Manual

Vamelo Armenian duduk 12 Vamelo Armenian duduk 13 Vamelo Armenian duduk 14


Majestic sound

Rich, velvet tones. Existence of warmth and nobility in the sound that is unequaled by any other instrument. The sound of an Areg duduk is never an accident. It is the result of an intelligent effort. When you play it, the main thing is to enjoy it.


Cured body

High quality depends on its professional craftsmanship. Each individual masterpiece is intricately analyzed and cured by our own proprietary technology to minimize wood cracks and to prevent moisture penetration.


Durable finishing

Easy touch. Beautiful look. Excellent craftsmanship is done to achieve durable finishing with matte and natural wood look and feeling.


The case

A superior instrument needs a hard case for storing. We craft our own hard cases which are leather-covered and have soft, velvet interior.


The Vamelo warranty

We are happy to offer you a warranty. Your Areg duduk is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of original purchase.