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Matchless Reeds

Premium duduk reeds for the experienced dudukist. Rich sound. Responsiveness. Precision.


Vamelo Duduk Reed Vamelo

2 Armenian Duduk Reeds

For A, A♭, B♭, C, D, E♭, G, F, H duduks. After placing an order, contact us which key you want us to ship.





A Vamelo reed is not made. It is crafted. Vamelo is synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship, which brings solid Armenian virtues into the creating process of musical treasures: precision, diligence, reliability, engineering spirit and craftsmanship. Our reeds will unveil the fine nuances of the music you play which offer uncompromising traditional handcrafting, beauty and the Armenian soul.

Vamelo duduk reed


Matchless sound

A premium reed that offers rich, warm tones, a heavy spine that promotes dynamic flexibility, exceptional tone quality in all registers, a long vamp profile that produces consistency of response, and a traditional tip thickness for ease of articulation.


Hand selected cane

Sophisticated processing of high quality raw materials. Each reed is analyzed, classified, and selected according to their quality, color, weight and age for later setting. Keen vision and steady hands are essential to this painstaking process in the creation of the piece.